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Mother's Day - Happy Mudders Day

Mother's Day - Happy Mudders Day

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5x7 landscape greeting card – Happy Mudders Day - A pair of well-meaning children painting artwork for their mommy on the wall with mud.  This is one of my favorites, but I've sent it to my mom a couple of times, so it's time to share with others. This really happened when we were kids, but we weren't nearly as cute.  This is great to send to that mom who doesn't need to hose down the side of the house, do additional laundry, or clean up muddy children. Most likely you did something just as bad, and your saint of a mother didn't punish you for it.  She deserves a cute card.  Go on.  Throw it in your cart!  You won't regret it! Original drawing is colored pencil on paper, scanned in and placed on the card. 




5x7 Horizontal

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