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Get Well Soon - Hospital Gown

Get Well Soon - Hospital Gown

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5x7 portrait greeting card – No Matter How You Accessorize, It's Still a Hospital Gown Card - Woman with high shoes, purse, long nails seen from behind with buns hanging out of the open-backed hospital gown.  When I made this one by hand, I would embellish it with red glitter glue (think Thomas Kinkade) on the red parts.  It really gives it some pop. This card was designed for a friend whose mom was having surgery, and it really brightened her day.  I hope it will brighten someone else's (not yours, because I don't want you to be in the hospital.  Not that I want anyone in the hospital...I'd better just stop now).  Enjoy! Original drawing is colored pencil on paper, scanned in and placed on the card.  




5x7 Horizontal

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