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Christmas - Irish Ewe a Merry Christmas

Christmas - Irish Ewe a Merry Christmas

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5x7 landscape greeting card – Irish Ewe a Merry Christmas - A cute little sheep wearing an Irish hat, and has a pipe.  The Christmas tree is decorated with pots of gold and adorned with a shamrock for a star. I love using sheep/ewes for "you" and there are several cards in my collections that reflect that.  For several years, I would hold back a design to use for myself. Once it was sent out to the recipients, I would post it for public consumption.  These cards hold a special place in my heart, as each year a picture of all my "kids" would be sent with the cards, and they were often dressed/staged in the theme of the card. Original drawing is colored pencil on paper, scanned in and placed on the card.  




5x7 Horizontal

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